In one of the recent Chinese New Year's vacations, BlueT was stuck in a traffic jam. Frustrated by the often inaccurate directions given by GPS guiding systems, he envisioned a better guiding service which takes real-time traffics into considerations. However, to make this as a *really* good guiding service, it needs to have data input from not just one but several GPS providers.

In late 2011 BlueT met with SY and discussed about the idea. They felt that there was no easy ways to gather and retrieve position data in real-time to support a service that BlueT wanted. Yet, as mobile devices become more widespread and dominant, good tools are needed to deal with the explosion of geo/location data. GaiaSup thus was born, a "spatial engine" for developers of spatial applications.




GaiaSup is developed by a small team based in Taiwan. We have previous experiences in IT infrastructure management, web development and real-time spatial simulation research. Our team works distributedly and is aspired to make the world better.

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