Introduction to GaiaSup

What is GaiaSup

As we rely more and more on mobile devices in our daily life, the need for location based service is increasing. However, building up a scalable, functional, and well responsive location based service is not an easy job for developers, especially when it comes to serving a large number of mobile devices. And this is where GaiaSup comes in.

GaiaSup is a "location based service engine" (GaiaSup LBS engine) for you to easily build up your own LBS apps. We offer easy-to-use web hosted API for quickly intergrating location-aware functionalities into your applications.


Build LBS apps with GaiaSup



GaiaSup is designed to deal with core functionalities of location based services/applications, such as updating current location, querying location info of particular people/places, querying  people/places surrounding users, sending messages to people in certain area, pushing notifications to people when they are approacing/leaving certain stores, subsribing events occuring at specific locations .. etc. With GaiaSup Location Based Service Engine, you could focus on other parts of your LBS applications, without worrying about how to manage and scale these LBS operations. 

Whether you're developing a web-site or the next killer mobile app, GaiaSup eases your pain when adding spatial components to your applications. You can easily integrate GaiaSup as the backend to publish / subscribe / store / query your location data,


How to use GaiaSup

You can use GaiaSup LBS Engine within your applications through RESTful web API or libraries for different programming languages that you're familiar with, including Javascript, Perl, etc.

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